What are Commercial Loans?

Commercial loans are financing options for businesses. Unlike residential mortgages, they use commercial properties as collateral. Typically taken by business entities, these loans help expand workspace and grow businesses. United 1 Mortgage Corporation offers guidance through the complex process, considering factors like interest rates and repayment schedules. Fixed interest rates provide security, while variable rates offer initial savings but risk future increases. Loan repayment usually involves a balloon payment after smaller monthly installments. Longer repayment times often mean higher interest rates. Contact us to explore tailored commercial loan solutions for your business growth.

Commercial Loan Benefits

What are the Commercial Loan Requirements?

Property Type Specifics:

General Qualification Criteria:

Financial Stability Requirements:

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If you’re considering any of the following as a means to grow your business then a commercial mortgage might be right for you.

  • Purchase of a building or space in which to do business
  • Extending current work space
  • Investing in commercial or residential properties
  • Developing properties for commercial use

Every borrower’s situation is a little different, so be sure to email or call one of our commercial loan specialists today. We look forward to offering you a personalized commercial mortgage solution tailored to fit your company’s needs.

Unlike residential mortgage loans, most commercial loans require a balloon payment at some point during the loan term. This means that after a given amount of time making small monthly repayments, the borrower would be required to make a large final payment consisting of the remainder of the loan. Loan Repayment Schedules which call for a longer time to repay the loan typically have higher interest rates.


Please speak with one of our representatives today to take advantage of this terrific opportunity to grow your business. We’ll guide you every step of the way and customize a commercial mortgage solution specific for your business.

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